Dane County Board Supervisor

Richard Kilmer

Al Matano – former

Andy Olsen – former

 Kyle Richmond  – former

Michele Ritt (also MMSD teacher)

Paul Rusk

Madison Alderperson

David Ahrens

Joe Clausius – former

Barbara Harrington-McKinney

Rebecca Kemble

Batch Samba Baldeh

Andy Heidt – former

Madison School Board Member

Nicki Vander Meulen

Former Madison School Board Members

Bill Clingan

Bill Keys

AnnaMarie Moffit

Marj Passman

Arlene Silveira

Waunakee School Board Members

Mike Brandt

Former Fitchburg Mayor

Steve Arnold

Verona Mayor

Lukas Diaz

Current and Former MMSD Teachers & Staff

Emily Adah

Bob Arnold  

Kay Arnold  

Cindy Ball

Carolyn Michaelis Berard

Kathryn Burns

Maria Cavicchio

Laureen Chagnon

Susan Cee Cee Cohen

Peggy Coyne

Troy Dassler

Liza DiPrima

Jamie Domini

Liz Donnelly

Elizabeth Doyle

Joan Eggert

Alexandra Fayen

Jennifer Foster

Laurie Frost

Lynn Glueck

Jennifer Greenwald

Suzy Grindrod

Blake Haman

Loren Hegge

Iris Hengst

Jeff Henriques

Robert Godfrey

Tina Koval Godfrey

JoAnn Jensen

Michael Jones

Mary Klehr

Rob Larson

Kathleen Halloran Liksa

 Jesse Lyne

Favian McMurray

Amy W Noble

Jaci Olson

Julia Peterson

Erin Proctor

John Radamacher

Carmen Rasmussen

James Reichling

Susan Roehlk

Barb Rubin

Erin Selbee

Clare Sequin

Sean Stubbendick

Fred Swanson

Molly Tormey

Delon Underbakke

Greg Vallee

Chris Vander Ark

Echnaton Vedder

Kati Walsh

Virginia Woods

Other Supporters

Nino Amato

Jon Becker

Nick Berigan

Vic Busenbark

Matt Calvert

Adam Chern

Laura Chern

Susan & Jesus Covarrubias

Peter Gascoyne

Michael Martinez Johnson

Joanne Juhnke

Christina Kendziorski

Edward Kuharski

Kristine Lamont 

Norm Littlejohn

Gretchen Lowe

Lesleigh Luttrell

John Matthews former Head of MTI

Janet Morrow

Dr John Odom

Larry Orr

Susan Pastor

Robyn Perrin

Todd Alan Price

Jenny & Bob Quinn

Rick & Sara Richards

Richard S Russell

Claudio Selva

Kelli Simpkins

Tim Slekar

Jeff Spitzer-Resnick

Rachel Maciejewski Schluter

Chuck & Connie Smalley

Margi Valentine

Donna Vukelich-Selva

Carol Weidel

Betsy Wilcox

Jackie & Karl Woodruff

Proudly endorsed by the members of AFSCME WISCONSIN COUNCIL 32



Endorsed by the members of Madison Teachers Inc


Proudly endorsed by United Faculty & Academic Staff


TJ-Mertz-Endorsement-1-700x350 (1)


The Network for Public Education Action is pleased to announce our endorsement of TJ Mertz for a third term on the Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education.

TJ has dedicated his life to understanding and improving public education. He has taught history and education at the college level, and prior to his board service he was a Board Member of Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools, and a Co-Chair of Community and Schools Together.

In 2018 TJ filed an open records request related to the authorization of two new Madison, Wisconsin charter schools, demonstrating his seriousness regarding transparency and accountability for the charter sector.

He also demonstrated his commitment to pushing back against using standardized testing data to evaluate teachers by blocking the use of a hiring and screening tool based on student test scores.

TJ’s family worked to integrate the schools in his childhood hometown of Evanston, Illinois, and his experiences in those integrated schools taught him that schools can transform lives and communities.

“Our children need rich cultural experiences, emotional well-being, and a sense of community. We want to prepare students for success in the world as it is and give them the tools to improve that world.”

TJ’s primary is tomorrow, February 19th. Please get out to the polls to support this knowledgeable, dedicated servant of our public schools.

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